About us

What is the Civil Service Environment Network?

How does the UK plan to reach net zero by 2050? How can we collaborate globally to meet the Paris Agreement? What value do we place on the environment in everyday policy calculations? What is the latest scientific evidence and how should it inform the government's environmental agenda? 


If you have any interest in the above questions and want to meet others and attend events that seek to answer and discuss these (and many more!), then the Civil Service Environment Network (CSEN) might be just for you. We are open to all civil servants and you can sign up to our mailing list here


We have over 1,000 members from a range of government organisations and aim to educate, develop and inspire all civil servants who are interested in environmental policy, with our offer to date including: 


  • Talks: We host a monthly talk and have welcomed Nick Bridge, the FCO's Special Representative for Climate Change, Professor Dieter Helm, Chair of the Natural Capital Committee, and Dr Emily Shuckburgh, Director of Cambridge Net Zero, to name a few.

  • Discussion Groups: We host monthly groups based on topical podcasts, and accessible news and academic articles. We have recently discussed: natural capital; environmental justice; and the outcomes from COP25.

  • Coffee roulette: Every month members, if they wish to, are paired up for 1:1s to discuss and learn about anything environmental – a great way to grow your network.

  • Career webinars: We host ad hoc career webinars with senior civil servants working in environmental policy.

  • Volunteering opportunities: Our committee finds and offers opportunities to use your volunteering days for a variety of environmental causes. 

  • Newsletter: All members receive a monthly newsletter covering future events, environmental tips, member contributions and much more.


We will continue to offer the very best and most relevant environmental information to all our members in a user-friendly and digestible format.


If you want to get involved then you can: