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Hi all, in an American style discussion opener:

"The current government are stripping away environmental protections and treat the "green agenda" with contempt. Convince me otherwise!"

Really I'm looking for hopeful reasons why I should stay in the civil service as silence from my departmental leadership just adds to feelings of being gaslit and devalued. What's the point?

Tara Sanders
Dec 15, 2023

Hi Annabelle.

You might want to take a look at other government departments if yours isn't focussing on supporting the green agenda. Take a look at your values and the values and objectives of other departments and see where the alignment is. There are certainly government departments out there which do have 'green-focussed' ministers behind them.

My previous department had certain government-driven objectives, and getting to those objectives often meant their linked ministers were not taking the environment into consideration. I have found that some government departments tend to work in silos and don't look at the 'bigger picture'.

Having been part of a development programme which focussed on finding the right civil service fit to help you progress and get job satisfaction, I looked into quite a few different government departments and feel like I've now found one which is really making a difference in the areas that I have a passion for.



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