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The DWP Vegan Network in collaboration with the Scottish Environmental network are pleased to offer a session on growing your own food. The session will be delivered via MS Teams on 14/04/2021 at 12:30 to 13:30.

Nothing tastes better than a home-grown tomato, freshly picked from the vine. Growing your own vegetables is better for your health, for your budget and the environment. The planting season is in full swing now, so join our session today to learn how to get the most of your garden or windowsill.

To join this session, please order your ticket through Eventbrite: Grow your food

If you do join the session, make sure to have the following to hand:

· Used yoghurt pots, packet of tomato seeds( can be bought online or in most supermarkets, b&q, dobbies etc), bag of compost.

· Or if wanting to try growing potatoes you will need an old bag for life or ikea bag, bag of compost & start putting potatoes on a window ledge to sprout as they can be used to grow many more potatoes

Heather Flanagan
Eden Shelton-Newlove
Olivia Herford
Eden Shelton-Newlove
Eden Shelton-Newlove

It's so exciting when they pop up above the soil! We grow tomatoes at home and they taste so much better than any you can buy.



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