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Clean Air.webp

Clean Air

We will achieve clean air by meeting legally binding targets to reduce five...

Thriving plants and wildlife.webp

Thriving Plants & Wildlife

We will achieve a growing and resilient network of land, water and sea that is...

Using resources sustainably.webp

Using resources from nature more sustainably & efficiently

We will ensure that resources from nature such...

Mitigating and adapting to CC.jpg

Mitigating and adapting to climate change

We will take all possible action to mitigate climate...

Minimising exposure to chemicals.jpg

Managing exposure to chemicals

We will make sure that chemicals are safely...

Clean and plentiful water.webp.jpg

Clean and Plentiful Water

We will achieve clean and plentiful water by improving at least three quarters of...

Environmental hazards.jpg

Reducing the risks of harm from environmental hazards

We will reduce the risk of harm to people, the....

Enhancing beauty.jpg

Enhancing beauty, heritage & engagement with the natural environment

We will conserve and enhance the beauty...

Minimising waste.jpg

Minimising Waste

We will minimise waste, reuse materials as much as we can and manage materials...

Environmental hazards.jpg

Enhancing Biosecurity

We will enhance biosecurity to protect our wildlife and livestock, and boost...

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