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Civil Service Environment Network
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


25 Year Environment Plan

The Plan sets out our goals for improving the environment, within a generation, and leaving it in a better state than we found it. It details how we in government will work with communities and businesses to do this. It sets out what we will be doing over the next 25 years.


Annual Progress Report (APR)

The APR sets out progress made towards made towards achieving the long-term vision of the Plan. It also highlights the serious challenges that still remain in improving the environment within a generation and which we are committed to addressing.


Outcome Delivery Plan

The plan sets out the outcomes we seek to achieve as a department and how we will measure our success. It is structured around our four priority outcomes for environment, net zero, floods and resilience, and agriculture, food, fisheries, animal welfare and biosecurity, and a set of strategic enablers that aim to strengthen our capacity and capability.

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