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This post is regularly updated with details of upcoming environment events happening across the Civil Service.

Cross-government climate work show & tell

Friday 5 March 2021, 12-1pm

Public servants talking about climate action (even if it's not in their job title or objectives). This month we'll be hearing about:

  1. The Office of the Future Generations Commissioner - Sophie Howe, Welsh Government

  2. The Rise of Sustainable Procurement - Andrew Smith, Crown Commercial Services

  3. External speaker: author of World Wide Waste, on the negative environmental impacts of digital and what to do about it - Gerry Mcgovern

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Cabinet Office Green Network event - Could mandatory environmental labels change how we produce & consume food?

Wednesday 10 March 2021, 12-1pm

Do you remember that TV ad with a close up on sizzling bacon in a pan with the voiceover questioning: “When was the last time you woke up to the smell of cereals?” Why, to make a slice of cauliflower appetising, do we call it a steak? When Sainsbury’s renamed their “meat-free sausage and mash” the “Cumberland-Spiced Veggie Sausage & Mash”, sales increased by 76%. Labelling food has a massive impact on consumer behaviour. But beyond the labelling efforts to make plant-based food sound more tasty and tempting, shouldn’t there be equal efforts on dissuading consumers to purchase unsustainable products?

If the world went vegetarian, this would cut food-related emissions by 63% (Source: Oxford University, 2016). Adopting a more plant-based diet is the main way to reduce our individual impact on the planet. But do we actually know the environmental footprint of our food?

We all have seen the traffic light labels on food in regards to sugar, salt and fat content. But what about food labels that directly showed us the environmental impact of our food? If labels revealed the environmental impact of products, could we expect consumers to turn to less damaging options?

In this talk by Oxford researcher Joseph Poore, we will explore how environmental labelling could be an instrumental tool to implement sustainability policy in the food industry and become the basis for the next agricultural revolution.

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BEIS Women Empowered event - #ChooseToChallenge: Women in Climate - International Women's Day

Wednesday 10 March 2021, 2-3pm

As part of the celebrations for International Women's Day (8-19 March), BEIS Women Empowered invites you to a panel discussion on women in Climate Change.

We are hosting a varied programme enabling colleagues from BEIS and other government departments to explore what Choose to Challenge means across BEIS policy areas such as STEM, Climate and Business; what it means for us as an organisation; and what it means for us as individuals.

Women make up about 50% of the world’s population, and even though they are often disproportionately impacted by climate change, there is a persistent lack of representation at the decision-making level and they can find it more difficult to engage in the green economy. Government has set an ambitious climate target, in addition to prioritising a green recovery from Covid-19. We have a unique yet challenging opportunity which will require policies that empower all to engage in a cleaner, greener future regardless of gender, class or race.

Join our speakers for a discussion on what the lack of diversity means for the culture of decision making, for outcomes, and how we can challenge the status quo as individuals and as Civil Servants to encourage greater gender diversity in the climate agenda.


  • Kate Hughes | Director - International Climate, BEIS


  • Dr Rhian – Mari Thomas OBE | CEO, Green Finance Institute

  • Dr Sherilyn MacGregor | Reader in Environmental Politics at University of Manchester and Author of A Feminist Green Deal for the UK

  • Diann Black-Layne | Director of the Department of the Environment, Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment of Antigua and Barbuda and Chair of AOSIS for the UNFCCC

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Network 4 Nature event – Urban Biodiversity

Wednesday 17 March 2021, 12-1pm

Join Network 4 Nature to hear about biodiversity in our urban environments. We have two guest speakers for you, Lauren Hyams from the Natural History Museum (NHM) and Edward Mayer from Swift Conservation.

Lauren is the Head of Urban Nature Activities at the NHM. She will be joined by participants from their first Youth Advisory Panel to explore the causes and consequences of the inequality of access to green space on our wellbeing and biodiversity.

“Sometimes when you just want to clear your mind. Just walk out and listen to music or just look at nature” - young participant.

Urban Nature Activities is a national drive to engage people with urban wildlife and transform the gardens at the museum into a fully accessible green space and biodiversity hub in the heart of London. Her work there focuses on creating new opportunities for young people, families and schools across the UK to connect with nature, building partnerships and broadening access and representation. Before joining NHM Lauren worked for Raspberry Pi Foundation, an educational charity with a mission to get more young people involved in computer science and digital making where she was lead for online learning. Lauren’s career in developing education programmes includes working at The Prince’s Trust, the Houses of Parliament and the Imperial War Museum.

Edward will be speaking to us about how we can support and enhance urban biodiversity.

Our civilisation depends utterly on the plants, animals, and microorganisms of Earth that supply it with essential ecosystem services ranging from crop pollination and protection to supplying food from the sea and maintaining a liveable climate” (Prof Paul Ehrlich Stanford University) yet we are destroying life on Earth so fast we might be doing it on purpose. How can we move back from this disaster in the making, and restore the Planet to a sustainable condition?

This talk sets out some ways we might make a start, locally and personally, at this all-important task.

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Photo credits: Kane Reinholdtsen on Unsplash.

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