• Giorgio Parolini

COP26 Behind the Scenes Session 1: Ambition, negotiations and diplomacy

In May, we hosted the first of our COP26 Behind the Scenes events. We welcomed, Stuart West, Head of Strategy, UN Climate Change Negotiations, Fiona Clouder, Regional Ambassador for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Matt Toombs, COP26 Director of Campaigns and Engagement.

COP26 promises to be a key political moment for climate action. Being held in Glasgow in November 2021, the 26th UN Conference of the Parties on climate change sets out to significantly build upon the existing agenda and ambitions formed in previous UN climate negotiations and reach a consensus between the 197 countries involved on how to accelerate the transition to a long-term sustainable future.

This year’s negotiations are framed by the legacy of conferences held over the last 30 years,

most notably the universally binding international treaty signed in Paris in 2015. This agreement

aims to ensure global temperature rise stays well below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial

levels, whilst aiming for 1.5 degrees.

In the first of our series of 'behind the scenes' events, our speakers shared how the government and its diplomatic network are approaching the event.

Watch the event recording below. You can also read a transcript, provided below.

Event recording

Event transcript

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