How to update your CSEN Online profile

Updated: Feb 10

Read on to find out how to make the most of the CSEN Online members directory.

Our members directory shows you the other members of CSEN Online who have chosen to share their details. This short guide will show you how to add your details to your profile so that you appear in the members directory. Adding your details is a great way to connect with other CSEN members and build your professional network.

The CSEN Online members directory


1. Navigate to your profile by clicking on the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of the page and selecting Profile.

2. When your profile loads up, click on the paragraph of text in the About section to edit it and add your details. It's up to you what information you choose to share with other CSEN members, but you may want to include your:

  • Location

  • Department

  • Profession

  • Job title

  • Interests

  • LinkedIn profile

3. Click the Edit button in the left panel to change your username and profile picture.

4. Once you have finished adding your details, click the Publish button to save your changes and make them visible to other CSEN Online members.

5. Now that you have added your details, why not browse the directory to see if there is anyone working in a similar area who you could connect with? You can also follow other members to receive notifications about their activity on CSEN Online.

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