July 2021 Talk: Sustainable Food Systems with Mike Berners-Lee

For CSEN's July talk, we hosted Mike Berners-Lee, who spoke to us about sustainable food systems.

You can watch the talk recording here, and explore some suggestions for further reading.

Event recording

Event transcript

CSEN uses automatically generated captions and therefore transcripts may contain some minor errors.

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Explore this topic further

The Civil Service Environment Network Discussion Group has highlighted some additional material for those interested in the topics covered in this talk.

  1. Executive Summary of the National Food Strategy: https://www.nationalfoodstrategy.org/

  2. The Behavioural Insight Team’s policy recommendations for using behavioural science to promote sustainable diets around the world: https://www.bi.team/publications/a-menu-for-change/

  3. A bit of history of the legacy of Norman Borlaug, the hero of the Green Revolution – illustrating how enormous success at solving one problem - agricultural productivity and food poverty - can precipitate another, in the case of environmental degradation: Norman Borlaug: humanitarian hero or menace to society? | Agriculture | The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/poverty-matters/2014/apr/01/norman-borlaug-humanitarian-hero-menace-society

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