Volunteering with City Harvest

This blog post gives an insight into a day’s volunteering with City Harvest, directly from Julian, a member of CSEN. We will be offering monthly volunteering dates with City Harvest in the new year so please do keep an eye out in the newsletter and sign up if interested! You can sign up to our newsletter here.

CSEN members during their day with City Harvest
CSEN members during their day with City Harvest

Our day with City Harvest was brilliant – a welcome change of pace from the recent monotony of working from home.

When we arrived in the morning, we were immediately greeted with warmth and enthusiasm by the office team. They gave us a quick tour of the site, before setting us up in one of their two warehouses, packed to the rafters with food supplies, all donated by supermarkets and Amazon Fresh.

There, our main task for the day was putting together meal boxes containing a variety of foods – basics like pasta and tinned vegetables, but also some more niche donated items like Nando’s hot sauce! We chatted and had the radio on while putting together the meal boxes, getting to know more about City Harvest’s work by speaking to staff and some of the regular volunteers.

I had the opportunity to help one of the drivers, Alwin, with a delivery run to food banks and homes nearby. It was rewarding to see first-hand the difference our efforts that day were making. I was shocked by how many food banks there were in just one small area of London, but also inspired by the amazing people running them. I couldn’t help but feel, though, that their work should not be necessary in a society as wealthy as ours.

If you want a change of scenery from your home office and to spend a day doing something impactful in the capital, I would definitely recommend volunteering with City Harvest!