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Who we are

The Civil Service Climate + Environment Network (CSCEN) brings together 7,800 civil servants from 120+ UK government departments and agencies. Our mission is to break down Government silos and build environmental knowledge and policy capability across the Civil Service. 

The network was established in October 2019 to offer civil servants with an interest in the environment a chance to learn more and network with like-minded colleagues, regardless of grade, experience, or expertise.

Our committee of volunteers offers events and resources designed to educate, inspire, and connect our members. We aim to support our members in turning their passion for the environment into an active part of their government career.

Our website, CSCEN Online, brings our offering into a single platform, enabling our members to access the opportunities we provide.

What we do

Dry Leaf
Dry Leaf

We work together to tackle the big environmental questions within and beyond government through our regular events and diverse range of multimedia content, open to all civil servants.

  • How does the UK plan to reach net zero?

  • What is the latest scientific evidence and how should it inform the government's environmental agenda?

  • How can we make environmental professions inclusive for all civil servants?

  • How can we ensure that our Civil Service is equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to succeed in climate policy?


Catch up on our Environment deep dive podcasts and Environment 101 videos, or sign up to the network to access our new members space and discover exclusive members-only content.

Who can join

CSCEN is open to all UK civil servants. This means you can join the Civil Service Climate + Environment Network if you work for:

  • a central government department

  • an executive agency

  • an executive non-departmental public body (NDPB), or

  • one of the three devolved administrations (The Scottish Government, Welsh Government, or Northern Ireland Executive), or their associated executive agencies.


You can also read our partnerships policy to check how your information could be shared with external parties. We only share high-level departmental data about membership breakdown, not personal member details.

How to connect

There are several ways you can get involved with our work.

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