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CSCEN Online style guide

We’d like CSCEN Online to be a space for thought-provoking, professional discussions between colleagues. You can help with this by taking a moment to check spelling and grammar before you publish on the platform, whether that be an update to your profile, a post or a comment.


We’ve also put together a short CSCEN Online Style Guide. Please take a few moments to read this before you publish on the platform - and check back regularly for updates!



Please use UK spelling. For verbs that can end in -ise or-ize, please use the -ise ending.

For example: analyse, organisation, utilise.


Quotation marks

We prefer single quotation marks. If you need to include a quote inside a quote, use single quotation marks first, with double quotation marks inside the initial quote. 

For example: ‘Scientists have reported a “green glow” around the red planet.’

Frequently used terms

Here is our preferred spelling of a few terms and phrases. This list will be regularly updated.


  • the Civil Service

  • civil servants

  • Covid-19

  • Defra

  • the Fast Stream

  • Fast Streamers

  • Scottish Government

  • Welsh Government

For further guidance on publishing on CSCEN Online, please follow the advice in the A to Z Style Guide on GOV.UK:

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