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Katie  Beckett
Katie Beckett

Hello colleagues,

We are delighted that you are here and wanted to let you know that a small team of Edinburgh-based colleagues are picking up the great work that previous administrators of this group have delivered. We will be coming out to you, the members, to get your ideas of what the Scotland branch of the CSCEN can do. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, and aren't aware that you are already on it, then please do reach out or reply to this post.

Watch this space, and in the meantime keep an eye on the central CSCEN offer. There are lots of great events and other content available.

Looking forward to seeing what we can bring to this group.


Katie and the rest of the Scotland branch team

Colin Sales
Tony Paterson
Andrea Rossiter
Colin Sales
Colin Sales
18 may 2023

Hi! Pretty sure I'm on the mailing list but worth checking to be sure. It's my

Me gusta
Oscar Guillier
Oscar Guillier
yesterday · joined the group.
Hannah Lindsay
Hannah Lindsay
18 days ago · joined the group.
Christian Garcia
Christian Garcia
29 days ago · joined the group.


Welcome! We are delighted that you are here and wanted to ...


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